12 February 2015

Madele & Alwyn's Wedding

18 December 2014

Meet the awesomeness that is Madele & Alwyn's wedding day. Exactly a year ago on their wedding day I photographed their engagement in Gordensbaai - click here to see it
I felt so honored that they decided to fly me in from Cape Town to Johannesburg to capture their wedding and with the talented Leandri Kers assisting me, my excitement levels exceeded my expectations. The Stone Cellar is an absolute hidden gem, the venue and surroundings was beyond stunning. It was such a treat to have accommodation walking distance from everything and I had an absolute blast joining Madele, Alwyn, friends and family in pre-wedding preperations & braai. I hope your fingers don't get too tired at scrolling, because here I share with you a few precious details of an incredible special day.

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