20 October 2016

Ben & Helene

So this is a bit of a throwback Thursday post. Last year I convinced my very dear friends (and best couple ever) to wonder the streets of Cape Town with me and a film camera I borrowed for the day. I shot a lot of film while studying, but since I've started my business I haven't touched a film camera and I missed it dearly. I wanted to play around with all the wonder, stressed nerves to not screw up the shot and magic that comes with shooting film. What made it all even more of a challenge was that the camera I borrowed could not auto focus, so I had to manually focus every shot - which made spontaneous shots (that I love) a bit more difficult. Somehow with the rush of life I never posted the photos, but I'm thrilled to finally share them with you. I hope on shooting more film regularly, even if it is just silly shots of my friends, and even maybe work it into my shoot packages for clients. So here follows a day in the life of Ben & Helene in the most gorgeous city ever. Enjoy!

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