23 November 2016

Louis Matric Farewell

This was quite a special shoot for me. Ayama Slent Farms was actually the first farm I lived on, even though I was barely 3 years old. Louis' mother worked there then and still works there till this day. Except for that, I still have a tight bond with the current farm owners as well as the previous owners from when my dad managed the farm. It was so great to see all these old, friendly faces as we all came together to celebrate not only Louis' matric farewell, but also celebrate him finishing high school. Their whole house was decorated and everyone on the farm gathered for some speeches, treats & drinks. We take so many moments for granted, it was heartwarming seeing them celebrating this moment in Louis' life properly. I'm thankful that even when 20 years have passed, I could be here to capture this special day. 

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