About Me

"Life's not perfect, and neither are my images. 

But they are just the way I like them, they are real."

I love finding perfection in imperfection and I don't sweat the small stuff.
Life is all about being relaxed and enjoying the moment.
I adore real moments, emotions, laughter, things that’s a bit
different and everything that makes you, you.

Ek is Afrikaans en ek is verby passievol oor my werk! I love meeting new people and
traveling to new places. Don't be afraid to email me if you have
any questions, or if you would like to meet for tea and a quick chat.

I've been a full time photographer since 2013 which gives me the opportunity to capture some pretty unique stories and work alongside some phenomenal photographers. I strive to capture a perfect blend of natural documentation and giving guidance to put you at ease. I want you to not only cherish the photos itself, but the whole experience.

I'm currently based in Stellenbosch, South Africa, but I'm always open to travel. You can contact me at ndnaucamp@gmail.com and be sure to keep an eye out for me on Instagram & Facebook.
I'm happy to say that even though I mostly photograph weddings, I'm open to shoot pretty much anything that involves people. I love to expand my knowledge and get some new experiences, so don't be shy when you want me to shoot something a bit different. 

On a more personal note:

* Proud co-finder of The Full Hearts Club
* Click here to see my new website
* Photography is my addiction
* I find my inspiration in everyone I photograph
* I squeal with excitement when I'm in the presence of awesomeness (people, light, scenery, etc)
* I love sunsets, cats, wine, red lips, music, dancing, being weird
* I'm a 1990's kid (filled to the brim with 90's nostalgia)
* Ek is 'n kaalvoet kind van die plaas
* I'm fluent in English, Afrikaans and having a good time
* I want to buy all the art and support all local artists
* Pizza & movies (need I say more?!)

But the most important thing is that I LOVE MY JOB!