30 July 2014

Cape Town fashion Week

WHAT. MBCTFW blew my mind. I'm ashamed to say that this was my first time attending, but I'll definitely make sure not to miss another one! Non-European invited me to enjoy the show with a media pass - allowing me to walk about where I please and photograph everything I see. How amazing! I've been a fan of them since a couple of my brides bought/designed their wedding dresses with them. The best part of the evening was when I got to meet Louis Erasmus, the designer. WHAT A NICE GUY. Seriously, he showed me around and introduced me to everyone. It was such an honor to meet him, his beautiful family and to glimpse their new line of clothes. (Ps. Non-European is only showcased in the second half of the show)

Dankie Helene! For being a great assistant

25 July 2014


India is rich and colourful in tradition. Everything revolves around family, friends, neighbors and the community. The day after the wedding, Mari got dressed in a traditional Sari (which suited her beautifully). The strangest thing about India; more than once strangers would come and ask if they could take a photo of us. I felt like a celebrity! They have monkeys that will rob you blind if you don't stay vigilant. The Gateway of India reminded me of Cape Town. We went to a "Indian tourist theme park"where you could experience everything traditional Indian. And in spite of all these photos, it captures only 1/4 of everything I experienced.
India, you are beautiful and I hope to be back someday soon.

Swapnil's face when he saw Mari dressed in a Sari for the first time

This lady asked me to take her photo, even though I could not give it to her