16 April 2019

Riki & Guillermo

8 & 9 March 2019

I was whisked away on quite a unique adventure - and you know I love those kind of adventures! I was contacted by Riki to come and capture their weekend wedding celebration at Elandskloof, a beautiful farm located in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by endless nature. 
Despite it being a March wedding, it was a uncharacteristically cold and rainy weekend, but that didn't stop anyone from having the time of their lives!

We started the Friday with a Surf and Safari themed braai where the guests could all get to know each other a bit better since they've traveled from all over the world. I want to share a little snippet from Riki's initially enquiry because I could not have said it better myself:

"Guillermo and I are based in Paris although I am really Afrikaans and he is actually Spanish - we have both had the good fortune to a)live all over the world and b) find each other despite all the madness and our day is more of a weekend where we can bring our worlds together to celebrate all things love and gratitude."

And that's exactly what their wedding was, a coming together of their worlds and a celebration of love and gratitude. They weren't focussed on the decor details and having the perfect wedding, they were focussed on celebrating their love with the people they loved. A strangely refreshing thought in the wedding industry.