25 July 2014


India is rich and colourful in tradition. Everything revolves around family, friends, neighbors and the community. The day after the wedding, Mari got dressed in a traditional Sari (which suited her beautifully). The strangest thing about India; more than once strangers would come and ask if they could take a photo of us. I felt like a celebrity! They have monkeys that will rob you blind if you don't stay vigilant. The Gateway of India reminded me of Cape Town. We went to a "Indian tourist theme park"where you could experience everything traditional Indian. And in spite of all these photos, it captures only 1/4 of everything I experienced.
India, you are beautiful and I hope to be back someday soon.

Swapnil's face when he saw Mari dressed in a Sari for the first time

This lady asked me to take her photo, even though I could not give it to her

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